Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"LAGERFELD CONFIDENTIAL" - A Film By Rodolphe Marconi

Photos By Karl Lagerfeld - Published in Harpers Bazaar - Sept.2008

Pretty impressive-! The Salon, where the interviews take place - the Library, with Thousands of Volumes of books - the Studio, lined with even more Books - the Limos, taking him away to his Seasonal Fashion Shows, the Ballet, and other Gala Events-!

This film is actually a fascinating documentary, providing a "behind the scenes" look backstage at his design shows with the models and his employees - Sketching ideas for dresses, in his Studio (which he likes in disorder - or he freezes up) - And in the Workroom, where all the hard physical and detailed work is done by the seamstresses (whom he praises)-!

You get a portrait of a very confident, elegant man, dressed almost always in black, white hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, and currently, with a fetish for stiff white collars - (which, unfortunately, make him appear kind of uptight-) and for silver jewelery, mostly rings, which he wears about 10-15 at a time. ( Icons, I guess, have their reasons-!)

He began his reign at Chanel in 1982, which was in deep need of his talent-! - a film clip is shown of his designs back then - they were very beautiful - enchanting-! But, He prefers to look forward to the future - always doing better than the past-! He says: "His life is like walking on thin Ice - he must cross it before it breaks-!" MMR

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flower Garden Muse

Garden Muse - 14"x 20" - Acrylic on Canvas - By Mary Maki Rae - 2008

While walking through my imaginary Garden, You may encounter a Garden Muse.
Not to worry, She only wants you to Notice the Beauty that resides in All Nature. Especially the Flowers - She joggles them around until something clicks, and a new equation just seems to fall into place - to delight your senses, to make you smile, to pause for a moment-!

My Flower Garden Muse,
has placed her
Aside for a moment.

She looks into
the Mirror,
(that is your eyes)
to admire
her Flower Halo.

She regards
the vibrant Red Rose
as Queen Bee
of the bouquet,
Attended by
and hot pink

She observes
two Lavender Cosmos
waving for
(somehow charming anyway-!)

She spies a few
Bright flashes
of Yellow Sunshine
(Pansy & Mini Cosmos).

And finally,
some soothing
Sprigs of Blueberries,
Arranged by her
Royal Blue Dove.
(Her heart seems at ease,
for now. . . .) MMR

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Royal Persian Paintings - II

Fath'Ali Shah Attended by a Prince Smoking Water Pipe - By Muhammad Hasan

The Fath 'Ali Shah was keen to promote a Royal Image of Stability, Majesty, and Elegance.
He was no warrior at heart. He appreciated the refinements of court life, more than the hardships of the battlefield. He enjoyed hunting and the splendor of military reviews and preferred the company of Poets and Artists.

He was known for His Avarice and was fond of displaying his wealth, extravagant garments, and ornaments. He kept a Harem of a thousand women and sired more than one-hundred Sons and Daughters. When He died; he left behind more than a Thousand Descendants, who constituted a new Ruling Elite.

Mother and Child - 1800's - Muhammad Hasan

A Compellingly Beautiful Portrait of one of Fath 'Ali Shah's Wives and Child.
On one level, the treatment of the subject alludes to Motherhood and Fertility, on
another, it's Erotic message is ever so skillfully conveyed-!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Royal Persian Paintings - I

Fath Ali Shah 1800 Mihr Ali

This book is a "must have" for anyone who Loves Fine Art, Costume Design,and History-! These Persian Paintings from the "Qajar Epoch" have always fascinated me with their "other worldliness". Finally a book with a divine "collection" of these paintings to enjoy-!

The Royals stare back at us so serene, yet so confident with their doe-like eyes.
One marvels at their delicate features and their elegant, ornate, "over-the-top" costumes - most often bordered in White -! What was that white trim-?
Embroidery-? Lace-? -- No, come to find out, the White Edging was actually Pearls-!

Just imagine how many tiny pearls, and how long to finish one piece of their exquisite finery -- the stuff of Fairy Tales indeed-!

This Art celebrates their Royal magnificence, youthful beauty of both sexes, love of animal forms, and the exploits of their Heroes.
The Portraits and Flower Paintings of the Qajar Artists surpassed all their predecessors-!

THE BOOK:"Royal Persian Paintings - The Qajar Epoch - 1785-1925"
Edited By Layla S. Diba - Brooklyn Museum of Art 1999

Friday, October 3, 2008


"Muse With Gray Dove" 20"x30" Acrylic on Canvas Mary Maki Rae-2008

Taking a break to sew a few soft accessories for our home - utilizing some of the lovely extra upholstery fabrics that I've saved from various projects.

Besides the Tea Cozy, in Victorian times, many finely crafted Tea accessories were considered absolute necessities . . . "There were Tea strainers, held over the cup to separate the Tea leaves from the hot brew, Caddy Spoons shaped like shells, to measure loose Tea, Tongs for the lumps of sugar, Forks for lemon slices, and Trivets set over burners to keep the water pot hot."

"Today we regard such items as elegant curios for collectors - but just think how gratifying it must have been to be offered warmth, along with beauty in a chilly parlor-!" (See "The Pleasures of Tea - Recipes and Rituals" Hearst Books-1999)