Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Flowers to Plant for Summer

"Flowers to Grow in Containers for this Summer"
Art By Mary Maki Rae -2014(C)
 You might try this Combination of Flowers Pictured Above:

Bright Red Geraniums – They’re always dependable and Bloom throughout the Summer – Find plants at your local Nursery in May

Red Zinnias - Find healthy plants at Nursery or Start from Seed.

Calendulas - Bright Yellow and Orange - Start from Seed - So Easy.

Rudbeckia - The Best for a large Pot would be: Rudbeckia (fulgida var 'Fulgida) that grows to 20" tall in Med July through October.

Here's Ariel - Ready to Plant - with some more suggestions 
for Rudbeckia Plants:

Cappuccino - Grows to 18" - 20" Height with huge Orange 4" flowers.
she blooms from late Spring to early Fall and is Perfect for Cut flowers too.

Cherokee Sunset - Double and Semi-double 3"-4" Flowers in shades of Yellow - Orange - Red - Bronze - and Mahogany.

Maya - Blooms Golden Yellow - Fully Double large Flowers on 18" tall plants.

"A Spring Garden Muse" - By Mary Maki Rae 2014(c)
All of the Plants mentioned above are available to order online from:
The Bluestone Perennials Catalog.
Or: Check at your local Nursery to purchase them - just remember to make sure to buy Rudbeckia Plants that grow to only 18" - 24" - the Best size for Planters and Containers. 
(As some grow to 3-4 Feet & would not be happy in a Pot-!) 


Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden Muse & A Restored French Farm House

"Summer Garden Muse"-Mary Maki Rae 2014(c)

*********A Restored French Farm House*********

Marston Luce spent 15 Summers preserving his 15th Century Stone Farmhouse located in the South of France. He calls his small farm (or fermette) - Sous Bois - which means literally "a shady or woodsy place".
His emblem for the house - that he uses on his stationary and as Sculpture in the Gardens that he planted on the Hillside - is a Snail.
Which to him signifies - the slow - deliberate pace of life the French embrace.

Enjoy this medieval pigeonnier in the Garden of Boxwood - 
European wild Ginger and Impatiens. 

French 19th Century Sphinxes overlook he Garden.

Limestone walls inspired the creamy white Furnishings and Fabrics -
Enjoy the Antique French Lantern & Ladder-back chairs.
Original 15th Century Stonework and French 19th Century Furniture.
A Charming Sitting room off the Kitchen - 
Enjoy the Rooster Sculpture displayed by the open window.
(Reminds me of Robert's Sculpted Rooster-!)

Antique Soft Green painted Furniture - Rustic Beams -
Stone Walls - Beautiful-!
the Terrace - an Inviting spot for an Alfresco Meal -
under the big Umbrella and surrounded by Boxwood
Lavender and Cypress trees.
Images From: VERANDA May-June Issue
Paintings By: Mary Maki Rae 2014(c)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Floral Pattern Design

"Flowers on a Hillside" -Acrylic 
By Mary Maki Rae 2014(c)
Working on some new Floral Pattern Designs - Enjoy how the lively Colors work together in this one above - I'm thinking some coordinating smaller flowers - stripes and checks would be nice to go with this Design.
A Floral & Stripe Pattern Design to coordinate with "Flowers on a Hillside"
Pattern above - Mary Maki Rae 2014 (c)

Bustier in the same color pattern to wear under 
A Spring Floral Dress- Sculpture By Robert Rae 2014(c)

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Angles

"New Angles" Acrylic - Mary Maki Rae (c)2014
A New Preliminary painted sketch for a Painting - The Colors - I find quite delightful-! Thinking about how to finish it - Are they decorative ladders or stairways or Orchard Ladders for harvesting ripe fruit-?
Could add in between the ladders - a Landscape like this:

Decided to keep it simple and calm with more soft colors - 
and paint in a quiet scene with a Sailboat.
Hope your Weekend is a Great one-!