Sunday, December 8, 2013

Magic Of Red

It always happens this time of year - I get a craving for the Color RED-! It's been below freezing weather here in the Northwest - and just looking at Red seems to make me feel warm - happy - and light-hearted-!
So - I brought out my Stash of Red Fabrics ( most of these from Angeline & Doug) to consider sewing into something Cheerful-!
Pictured above is a small decorative Pillow I've just finished.
Below is a close-up of sewing the stripe-covered cording to the sides of a Beautiful Silk Brocade center-piece.

I decided to add more Fabrics for contrast - like these beautiful Black-Gold-Red Patterned ones pictured below with the Red Pillow. I thinking they all look really Great-!
Now I'm Inspired to work on some more Ideas-!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Matisse Inspired

Leafing through some of my "saved" Architectural Digest Magazines - I came across these Rooms that were directly inspired by a Collection of 20 Matisse Silk-screened Prints. (The Original Collages were designed by Matisse for the Book "Jazz" in 1947.)
How Fresh and Vibrant they still look today-!
In this room - Interior Designer Thomas Britt made a great use of the primary colors - Red- Yellow - and Blue.
He chose a bold Blue & Yellow Chintz and a Blue & Ivory stripe - Both of which pick up many of the same colors in the Matisses -
the whole design swung from that - He says.
The Louis XVI chairs establish order in the room - the chintz upholstered pieces - relax it - in a way - mess it up a little-!
but still so amazingly it all works so delightfully-!

More Matisses in the Dining Room.

Matisse at his Easel - Painting his Model.
All Images of the rooms from Architectural Digest.
Image of Matisse from World of Interiors.