Friday, March 27, 2009

Hurrah for "HIGH FLYER"-!

"High Flyer" Light - Original Serigraph 22"x24"(Image:12"x18") By Mary Maki Rae

Thanks for two more sales - via Gallery on the East Coast -- And Surprise-! Another coming in all the way from Australia. Our Mythological Pegasus on Wheels is becoming known world-wide-!

This Serigraph was imaged with a photo of Maria Fyodorovan's corner sitting room in the Russian Pavlovsk Palace. The Room was designed by Carlo Rossi in 1816, to accommodate intimate gatherings of Poets, Writers, and Composers of whom she was so fond.
The Walls are Lavender polished faux marbre. The Furniture is Birch of Rossi's design. (more of this later)
Photo from: "Russian Houses" - Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, N.Y. 1991.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Dreams #2

Enchanted - Acrylic Collage - Mary Maki Rae-2009

Spring is coming closer-! Following are Two Beautiful Small Gardens to consider and Inspire-!

A Tiny Herb Garden with Four symmetrical Beds, bordered with Santolina. Rue surrounds a Central Bed containing a large Terracotta Vase which provides a focal point and height to this composition. In each corner bed, plant a Rose Tree and fill in with Purple Sage or Bulbs. How absolutely Delightful-!

A Small Cottage Garden by the Sea
(About 20 Ft. square within the enclosing hedge)

This Charming Garden is enclosed by an Evergreen Hedge:(Berberis X stenophylla)that is extremely hardy and grows quickly into a dense green hedge with golden flowers in the Spring. Two sentinels frame the house and gate; they also strike a perfect balance to the house from a distance.
they are: Irish Yews (Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata). They are slow-growing initially, but will quickly rise to 8 Feet in about 10 years, if fed regularly.
A Rose has been planted to grow up the wall of the house, which will bloom in Mid Summer. ( or you might consider Jasmin, Climbing Hydrangia, or Clematis)

The four Triangular Beds could contain hardy shrubs like Azaleas. Also you could add some early bulbs like Snowdrops, Crocus, or Hyacinth. For Summer display, plant annuals or hardy Perennials such as, Veronica, Violet, Pansies, and Potentilla. The Central Urn could be planted with Petunias and Lobelia.

This Inspiring Book is entitled:
"Creating Small Formal Gardens" By Roy Strong
Published By Conran Octopus Limited - 1989

Sir Roy Strong, formerly Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum, & of the National Portrait Gallery, is established as one of Britain's leading garden historians & Designers. An avid practising gardener, has has transformed three acres of fields around his Hertfordshire home into a highly acclaimed Formal garden.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Enchanted with. . . .

BUTTERFLY - Pendant/Brooch - Henri & Paul Vever, French c1900

These tiny Works of Art - were created by legendary Jewelry Artists - and presented for our pleasure, in this amazing book. You would have to be a Princess or Prince to ever own one - However, what a Joy it is to marvel at the iridescent colors, the sparkle and inspired design. But, Most of all the skill it took to fashion such Treasures-! Some images follow - many, many, more are contained in this "Gem" of a book-!
By Marilyn Nissenson & Susan Jones - Abrams 2000

BROOCH -Italian, late 16th Century

BUTTERFLY BROOCHES - All c1880 La Vieille Russie, NY

BROOCH - Fleuret, French c1900

And One "Real" Comet-tailed Giant SilkWorm Moth - Painted from Nature By Walter Linsenmaire - from my Big Book of Insects of the World - Astonishing-!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Small PreSpring Celebration

Spring Bouquet of Tulips
on the Dinner Table for Angeline's Birthday

A Gift - I sew together a small Rose Notions Bag

I decide to put the Birthday Card inside the Rose Notions Bag

The Rose Notions Bag closes with a tied Bow

Mary Maki Rae