"LAGERFELD CONFIDENTIAL" - A Film By Rodolphe Marconi

Photos By Karl Lagerfeld - Published in Harpers Bazaar - Sept.2008

Pretty impressive-! The Salon, where the interviews take place - the Library, with Thousands of Volumes of books - the Studio, lined with even more Books - the Limos, taking him away to his Seasonal Fashion Shows, the Ballet, and other Gala Events-!

This film is actually a fascinating documentary, providing a "behind the scenes" look backstage at his design shows with the models and his employees - Sketching ideas for dresses, in his Studio (which he likes in disorder - or he freezes up) - And in the Workroom, where all the hard physical and detailed work is done by the seamstresses (whom he praises)-!

You get a portrait of a very confident, elegant man, dressed almost always in black, white hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, and currently, with a fetish for stiff white collars - (which, unfortunately, make him appear kind of uptight-) and for silver jewelery, mostly rings, which he wears about 10-15 at a time. ( Icons, I guess, have their reasons-!)

He began his reign at Chanel in 1982, which was in deep need of his talent-! - a film clip is shown of his designs back then - they were very beautiful - enchanting-! But, He prefers to look forward to the future - always doing better than the past-! He says: "His life is like walking on thin Ice - he must cross it before it breaks-!" MMR


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