Tuesday, July 10, 2018

More Summer

"Summer Muse with Parrot" Acrylic 9"x12" 
By Mary Maki Rae -2018(c)
Working on more "Summer Series" Paintings in a really Bright Palette as shown in the Painting above - seems to immediately  bring the Sunshine -!

"Kitchen Love" - Acrylic - 9"x 12" Mary Maki Rae - 2018 (c)

"Summer Muse with Parrot" -By Mary Maki Rae -2018(c)

The Bright Summer Palette- MMR-2018(c)

"Vases for all those Summer Flowers"- Mary Maki Rae 2018(c)

"Summer Muse" Acrylic on Canvas - 18" x 23"
By Mary Maki Rae 2018 (c)
SOLD a Large PRINT of this Painting Recently -!

And Here is where She hung it - in Her Bedroom.
 I hope it will bring her joy and more of the colors in to her room-!