Friday, June 17, 2016

A New Summer

"Summer Beginning" Acrylic- Mary Maki Rae -2016(c)
Just finishing a new painting - a familiar theme and colors I know - I really needed something cool and calm to offset so much chaos lately.
(A great and needed use for Art - Yes-?)
Now how to finish the background - where to be - the garden - the deck or the Sea. . . . maybe just another shade of blue-?


Thursday, June 16, 2016

French Style Note Holders

"Wooden Mannequin Note Holder" in a French 18th Century Style Costume -
By Robert and Mary Maki Rae (c)2010

"Wooden Mannequin Note Holder" in a French 18th Century Style Costume
By Robert and Mary Maki Rae (c) 2010

I thought these Mannequins would look great in an Vintage Setting - Country Cottage or in a Contemporary Castle as well depending upon your Decor Theme. These are prototype Originals (that we designed for an Edition).
Note the Brass nails and Attached Clothes Pins that open and close to hold your Notes or Quotes.For more See: Here

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Touch of Whimsy

Art & Tea Cosy -  By Mary Maki Rae(c)2016
Celebrate Summer-! And. . . 
Brighten Up your Kitchen with a Colorful Touch of Whimsy-!
I've just finished this Cheerful Tea or Coffee Cosy - and I really enjoy this Whimsical "Red Tea Kettle on Wheels" - filled with Daffodils and Painted Bright-Colored Eggs and Teacups - which make it Perfect for Kitchen or Breakfast-Nook Decor-!! Please See Here

Art and Tea Cosy By -Mary Maki Rae(c)2016
The Enlarged Design behind The Cosy is also available now - Printed on a large Stretched Canvas (15" x20")- or as a Large (15" x 20") acid-free Paper Poster.
(Plus- Two other clear-coated "water-protected" options.
Please see Here
Thanks - Hope you're having a Terrific Summer-!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer TeaCup Pillow

Painting & Pillow Design By Mary Maki Rae 2016(c)
"The Summer Teacup Muse Pillow" - From "The Seasons: Spring-Summer- Fall-Winter Quartet". This one "Summer" looks so cheerful with the"Rainbow" paintings. ( I like the way the Pink Trim sets the design off perfectly.)

Here's the Back of the Summer Pillow - in a Sunny Yellow with a bow-!
( On the Table is a "work in progress: "The Turtle Teapot" Pillow front.)

The "Summer Teacup Pillow" again with another 
type of Pillow in the background coming soon.

Working on the "Turtle Teapot" Pillow -
Painting by Mary Maki Rae - Sculpture by Robert Rae
For more on Pillows See Here 


Friday, May 13, 2016


"Inspiration" Acrylic on Canvas-Mary Maki Rae (c)
Working on this painting - not quite finished yet. I need to add more flowers. I was so Inspired to paint this Bouquet that I received as a gift-!
It contained so many more flowers besides the Mauve Tulips - there were beautiful deep Blue Dutch Irises - dark Burgundy Tulips and many - many tiny fragrant "Sweet Rocket" plants that I remember painting from long ago. . . .
(We also went out to buy a few more Plants for the deck - that's where the Cosmos came in-!)


"Wild Wave" Acrylic on Canvas Mary Maki Rae (c)
Another experiment with the "Acrylic pouring method" - I liked this one - I would like to try it on "parts" of one of my larger canvases soon. . . .


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Windy Day

"Windy Day" Acrylic on Canvas - Mary Maki Rae (c)2016

More experimenting -!
This time using a new technique with a "Pouring Medium".

To 1/4 cup of the Medium  - I added 1 teaspoon of acrylic paint of one chosen color. For the small painting shown above - I used Six different Colors in Six different cups.
I then poured the paint one by one onto a "Wet" background - Which results in a Soft - Floating - active type of effect-!

When dry - I added a soft touch of detail with my "Sponge Technique".
I could Add more detail with flowers or such - But I like it just the way it is right now - open to the imagination-!

"A Meadow of Trees" Acrylic on Canvas
Mary Maki Rae 2016(c)

When pouring the Medium onto a "Dry" Background - I used just one color - letting the paint dry very firm - just touching at the top - this created the image shown above - of a "meadow of trees".
Then using my sponge I added two greens and a blue to indicate Leaves and grass.
I'm now going to paint in some Flowers and Ferns to Brighten the scene-!