Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wishing All 
A Warm and Peaceful
May the New Year Fulfill Your Hopes 
Dreams and Desires-!  



Saturday, December 19, 2009

In The Christmas Kitchen

Dolls & Copper Cookie Cutters By Robert & Mary Maki Rae - 2009 (c)
Someone's in the Kitchen  - Ready to Bake up some Good Cookies -! What's a Holiday without some Tried & True Recipes-!
Following is one for Filled Cookies that We make every year - mixed with a new recipe or two.  Happy Baking-!
Filled Cookies
16 Tbls. (2 cubes) Butter                            
2/3 Cups Sugar                                         
1 Large Egg                                                
1-1/2 tsp. Vanilla 
1/4 Tsp. Almond Extract
1/8 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp Baking Soda
2-1/2 Cups Flour                                      
Grated Zest of 1 Medium Lemon 
3/4 - 1 Cup of Marmalade or Apple Butter Preserves
Place into Kitchen Aid - Two cubes of Butter - Cut into small pieces.
Add Sugar - Beat until Creamy.
Beat in Egg, Vanilla, Almond Extract, and Zest.
Blend in Flour, Salt Baking Soda.
Turn out onto Pastry Cloth.
Divide Dough in Half and Roll out to 1/8" thickness.
Cut into Desired Shapes.
Lay first half of Cookie on baking sheet that has been lined with Parchment Paper.
Dot with filling.  Cover with Second Half.
Press down edges with Fork.
Bake 9 - 11 Minutes or until edges are just brown.
Cool - Store in Air-tight Container 3-4 Days or Freeze up to 1 Month.

NOTE: Don't Forget to Sprinkle Powdered Sugar (through a screen) onto the Cookies - when they are Completely Cooled. It Looks just like SNOW-!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red and White Decor (Loving It-!)

Angel fabric Collage - By Mary Maki Rae - 2009 (c)
Every year about this time - it becomes so gray here in the Northwest.  All the leaves have fallen - the Garden Flowers are gone until next year.  It's when I really feel the longing for some COLOR-!  So with Christmas right around the corner - why not start some decorations for the House-!  And what better Color to warm up the atmosphere than some Red-!

While searching my closets for fabrics - I found this Angel Fabric Collage and decided to add some finishing touches and details.
First I stitched on her arms - opened wide - so welcoming - she could hold a string of fabric Hearts - or Snowflakes - or placed on the Fireplace Mantle She could embrace a collection of miniature Toys-! ( Or with Her arms closed - she could hold a bouquet of greens or Holly with bright Red Berries-!)
Suddenly -  all seems WARMER - amazing how a little Red works like magic-!
I'm thinking I could really get off on this Red & White Theme for a while - Following are some Red & White Decor Inspirations - Mostly with that beautiful simplictic Scandinavian style of Red & White Gingham - some Toiles - and Stripes too-!
Decor Images from: "A Passion for Pattern" by Katrin Cargill - Clarkson Potter 
and "Veranda" - Oct-2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Passion For Paisley

Love the neutral Pallette and Clean Look of this Room - I Noticed how it really comes to Life with the Magenta Flowers & Throw - And that Bold adaption of the Paisley Motif-! (Desiger:Jill Brinson-House Beautiful - Dec-2009)
What is the mysterious allure of Paisley-?  These curvaceous, organic, almost embryonic Tear Drop Shapes-? They seen to intrigue us - even when arranged in regimented, uniform simplicity - Just as well as the more intricate patterns imaginable-! Is it that they often recall their exotic Persian Heritage-?

The "Paisley Motif"' dates back to 17th Century Kashmir shawl patterns - derived from Persian Flora Ornament.  These shawls were much valued and worn by the ruling Mughal Court.
As the 18th Century progressed - the demand for handwoven Kashmir shawls grew - and were worn by wealthy women of fashion in Europe and Russia. (The Patterns became known as "paisley" from the name Paisley, Scotland - where many of thes textiles were produced.)
Although the Fashion for shawls passed - the Paisley Patterns lived on to become as varied and colorful as the designers imaginations-!

Images: "World of Interiors" May-2009