Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dora Maar Seated - By Pablo Picasso
This Exhibit Positively Exceeded All of My Expectations-!

It exemplifies to anyone why Picasso is considered a Genius-!
In each medium - Oil Painting - Lithographs - Sculpture - or Pen & Ink Drawings - there is to be found something to admire - inspire - wonder about - or to learn from-!
Several iconic Masterpieces have been included from each phase of this Master's far-reaching Lifes Work.
All of His Loves are represented - First Wife Olga - Second Wife Jacqueline - Marie-Therse Walter - and Dora Mar - But only one of Francoise Gilot (some say his saddest) a reclining nude with a dark shadow acrossed it.

It's an absolute "must" to experience these Works in person to fully appreciate the textures - colors - and energy contained within them-!

I was especially amazed at how Picasso's Sculpture became so much more compelling seen in three-dimensions and from all angles.
No surprize - that He also had a great eye for invention and proportion here in this Art form as well-!

Reclining Nude - Pablo Picasso

On til January 17, 2011

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Colette Chairs

Painting - Acrylic on Canvas - 13" x18" By Mary Maki Rae 2010 (c)
The New Paisley Fabric in a soft fawn color - pictured above - will be installed on just the Backs of A Set of "Colette" Chairs.  The Fronts and Seats will be covered in a warm brown ultra-suede type of Fabric.
Then as a nice decorative touch - Pewter Nailheads will be added along the outside edge the the arched front side of the backs. 

The first finished chair with a Pillow featuring the Paisley Fabric
I like it's classic camelback silhouette and firtatiously curved front legs.

Two more of the Colette Chairs - One showing the back with Paisley Fabric.
I think they're quite attractively designed - contemporary & elegant.

Something to do with all those leftover pieces of beautiful fabric.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Persian Garden Tote

Sewing and Painting By Mary Maki Rae - Carved Fox By Robert Rae - 2010(c)

A New Tote - this time of gray linen - with an insert of small pieces of mostly Paisley Upholstery fabrics stitched together in a geometric pattern.
Leaving this insert open at the top creates a nice convienient pocket to keep your gloves - reading glasses - or book handy.

Seated beside the tote is "Mr. Fox" - a World Traveler - here at home - in his Custom-made Silk Jacket - Vest - and Elegantly tied Cravat.
He seems to me to be reminiscing about his many travels abroad.
Close Up of the Pocket - It reminds me of a small abstract "Persian Garden"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Garden Muse Fabric Collage

Fabric Collage - 18" x20" By Mary Maki Rae -2010 (c)
What a Joy to surround this Dreamy Summer Garden Muse with the many pieces of mostly neutral-colored Florals - Velvets - and Silks that I've saved from other projects.
These in turn are over-layed with woven fabric trims - intricate laces - silk ribbons and mother-of-pearl vintage Buttons.
Then atop all - Hand Embroidered Decorative Stitches.
The finished piece could become a Decorative Pillow - or begining section of a quilt - or even a part of "just the right" upholstered piece of Furniture (chair or settee) - I haven't decidied which yet.

Fabric Tote & Painting - By Mary Maki Rae - 2010 (c)


The Technique used in the Fabric Collage shown above - translated well into the Decorative and Practical Fabric Tote Bag. To me the Collage looks like a little boat or whimsical Hat ready to set off on a trip somewhere.

This type of Ticking is great to use for Sewing up a Sampler of your Favorite Decorative Stitches - to always have on hand - It provides a nice guideline-!