Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few Good Ways With RED

A silk diamond patterned Fabric of Deep Red - interwoven with velvet-like Dots - to Reupolster a French-style Chair.
The Chair finished - Styled with a Silk Pillow that I made previously.
While Reupolstering this chair - I started thinking about the Color Red.
It's hard to be indifferent to Red - As bold splashes of primary Red are so invigorating - dramatic - attention-getting and full of Life-!
I thought of Pre-Revolutionary Russia (as in Dr.Zivago Film) with candle-lit interiors glowing Red & Gold while the white Snow falls outside.
I think the use of white as a contrasting color for Red - Creates a Fresh - Appealing - and cheerful effect - and prevents Red from being over-powering.
I thought of the prevelent use of Red & white Gingham - Stripes - and Ticking in Scandinavian Countries with cooler climates and long winters.

Rich Red Damask Silk covers walls and furniture of A Classic Swedish salon - Softened with white molding paneling and a Tall blue & white Porcelain Stove.

A Traditional Red in this Scaninavian Foyer - creates a warm and hospitable Welcome.  Again White Ceiling - floor - molding and staircase keep the Red tamed and clean-looking. the Black Ebonized Table & Chair add Drama.

For a small space like this tiny white bedroom - just one wall painted Red (this one is: "Mai Tai" by Ralph Lauren) makes the room feel intimate at night and much more Happy in morning light.

 In a mostly white living room - White siipcovered sofa against one Red Wall looks graphic & Modern - but still warm and inviting.
The Interior Images from these Books:
DETAILS: By Lili Diallo - Clarkson Potter 2010 (A very Upbeat/Modern take - Refreshing Savvy Text.)
SCANDINANIAN DESIGN - by Lars Bolander - Vendome Press - 2010 (Ideas for that authentic Scandinavian Look)
A PASSION FOR PATTERN -By Katrin Cargill - Clarkson Potter - 1997 (A lot of Red & White Inspiration in this one-!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inspiration Tableau

Acrylic Paintings By Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
A Tableau of some Favorite Things - most of mine happen to be Paintings and Flowers.  What story do they tell that could be inspiration for Decor-?
First of all - the colors make me extremely Happy and put me in mind of a Summer Cottage with a resplendent - plentiful Flower Garden.
Dove Painting - 14" x18" Acrylic - Mary Maki Rae 2011(c)
 A surprise gift of an armful of soft Pink and Lavender Dahlias (It felt like a Birthday Party-!) They corresponded beautifully (along with the small vase of my Geraniums and Cosmos) - with my recent paintings.
This could be a corner of a Kitchen/ cum Dining Room with walls of soft "textured" Blue/Lavender - or Ivory. Trimmed with semi-gloss White.
Also love the Idea of a Hand-Painted Mural of Flowered Topiary - Antique White Wicker or Iron Chairs - Cushioned with deep mauve silk.
A Table cloth of Brilliant Blue Stripes would set off the Blue & White China - Elegantly.
"Blue Still Life" - Acrylic 24"x24" By Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
In the Bedroom - a Table set for Two before a white marble Fireplace.
Love those mauve striped silk curtains at an open window - that are softly blown by the evening breeze.