Thursday, August 28, 2014

Star Flower

"Star Flower"- Acrylic & Collage 
Mary Maki Rae 2014(c)
Painted Paper "Sea Space" Inspiration for the Vessel Painted  Above

Work in Progress -Two Vessels 
cut from the my new painted papers

Color Palette for the Painting Above

The first Flower - a "Star" Shape

Fini: "Star Flower-Peaches-and Strawberries"

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Keeping It Simple-Two

"Summer Flowers & Fruit" - Acrylic & Paper Collage
By Mary Maki Rae - 2014 (c)
Painted Designs on Arches Paper for Collage
Mary Maki Rae - 2014(c)

One Tall Pitcher and Two Cups

Two "Mignon" Dahlias in the Tall Vase to set the Color Theme

Fini: A Bellflower - Apricots - Plums - Grapes - 
and A Curious Little Bird

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Bouquet & Sweet Peppers

"Simple Summer Bouquet with Sweet Peppers"
Acrylic - By Mary Maki Rae - 2014 (c)
Summer painting - keeping it simple - Acrylic and painted paper collage mixed -I Like the clean - fresh look-! Taking a Break to work on some "Issues".MMR

 **************KEEPING IT SIMPLE**************

Cutting out shapes from Painted Papers

A Cup and A Vase cut from the Painted Papers 
Placed on a Bright Yellow Table

The Palette of Color of Paints to be used for the Flowers

First Flowers in the Vase

Then some Sweet Peppers & Blueberries in the Cup & A Blue Butterfly Above

Fini: A Beautiful Red Flower appears and Another Blue Butterfly for Balance

 (Hope you're having a Fun - Pleasant Summer-MMR)

Monday, August 4, 2014

"TLC Butterflies" Watercolor By Mary Maki Rae 2014(c)