"Muse With Gray Dove" 20"x30" Acrylic on Canvas Mary Maki Rae-2008

Taking a break to sew a few soft accessories for our home - utilizing some of the lovely extra upholstery fabrics that I've saved from various projects.

Besides the Tea Cozy, in Victorian times, many finely crafted Tea accessories were considered absolute necessities . . . "There were Tea strainers, held over the cup to separate the Tea leaves from the hot brew, Caddy Spoons shaped like shells, to measure loose Tea, Tongs for the lumps of sugar, Forks for lemon slices, and Trivets set over burners to keep the water pot hot."

"Today we regard such items as elegant curios for collectors - but just think how gratifying it must have been to be offered warmth, along with beauty in a chilly parlor-!" (See "The Pleasures of Tea - Recipes and Rituals" Hearst Books-1999)


Ann said…
I've read before that in Japan they have Tea Ceremonies and they give high regard to the Master of Ceremonies (not sure if that's what they call them) and even the ambiance and design of the place is very important. There are also so many tea accessories and movements before they can enjoy their tea.
Mary Maki Rae said…
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