Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Kind of Magic

Acrylic on Canvas - 18"x24" - Mary Maki Rae (c)
A new Painting - not finished yet - may paint in a deep Blue vase of
Tropical Orchids - or terra cotta pots of Primroses . . . . . so many choices. . . . . .I think I may be getting Garden Fever-!
"Spring Breeze" - Acrylic Sketch on Paper - 10"x14" MMR(c)
I always enjoy painting Primroses  - a sure sign that Spring is here-!
I find it so amazing how just a few Black & White accents - enliven and dramatize a lovely pastel palette-!
Dreaming of "Primroses in Morocco" -
 Acrylic Sketch on Watercolor Paper - 8"x8" Mary Maki Rae (c)
Speaking of Drama - I think the Living Room shown in the following Images - one of the most Stunning and Beautiful - with the glazed dark Egg Plant Color playing a Major role.  Love the way it sets off the exquisite Paintings - choice Antiques - and the Soft Pastel Colors - so effectively.
The owner wanted Nile Green walls and was hesitant about so dark of a color - until she saw the room's magical tranformation - so Dramatic - yet so Spring-like as well-!

Interior Design By Mario Buatta - Images from: AD - Nov-1989
 Collector's Edition - Inside New York (A Great Issue-!)

Friday, March 18, 2011


I have this Antique Japanese Doll on my Bookshelf
that I enjoy looking at often - She's a nice reminder
of Japan's Magnificent Culture that I greatly Admire.

And also to continue to Hope for their Recovery from
the devastating disaster that has occurred in their Homeland.
Also reminded of The Buddhist Philosophy:
Everything Changes - We're All Connected - Pay Attention

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Therapy

"Moroccan Tea Break" 9" x 12" Watercolor - Mary Maki Rae -2011(c)
 If you're familar with some of my Serigraph Prints - you'll know why I really enjoy the following Decor Images of this Paris Apartement.
A Directoire treasure - authentic - and intact but sober when Designer Roberto Bergero discovered it.
I find it so cheery and uplifting during this time of Winter.  When on the Sunny days the grass looks so extroidinaryly Bright Green - even though there are no Green leaves in sight - You just know Spring will be coming soon-!

The "Bergero Style" emphatically does not recommend it's self to the faint-hearted who prefer the peaceful beige and off-white.  This decor by Bergero is an explosive cocktail of Canary Yellow - Shocking Pink - Apple Green and Scarlet-!  A feast for the eyes on a Winter's Gray day-!

The dining room - Louis Quinze-style arm chair - painted White by Bergero.

Living room - The carpet was Hand-painted by Bergero.

The Directore Chair is upholstered in a Moire-and-Velvet Stripe Fabric.
Other side of Dining Room - On the Mantlepiece is a Plaster Bust of
"The Doryphoros" (one of the best known Greek Classical Sculptures)

Bedroom - Bergero made the Pair of Hurricane Lamps on the Mantlepiece -
by combining "Ikea" Candle-stick lamps painted Black -
 and 19th Century Russian Bases.

Twig with Nest Lamp -  Designed By Bergero
Interior Design By Roberto Bergero
Images from: The World of Interiors- July 1998
Recpie for Moroccan Tea (made from lots of Mint-!) Find in :
"Moroccan Interiors" by Lisa Lovatt-Smith - Taschen - 2004