Dressing Warm

"Winter Wonder" A Doll By Mary Maki Rae - 2014(c)
More Winter Sewing for another one of our 18" Dolls - this one with a light delicate face - sculpted by Robert.
I was going for a "Scandinavian Look" this time - with woven trims and bright accent colors.  However - this Quilted Winter Tunic has now taken on a charming Oriental Flavor - that I find most pleasing-!
Actually - I would wear one like this myself.
Following are some Images I made of the "Work in Progress".
Deciding what color of Silk Fabric to use for the basic Tunic
and which trims - buttons - and collar would look interesting.

More trims - more choices - decisions . . . . decisions. . .

Decision made for now - patterns are ready
for cutting out the peices for the tunic.

 Pinning on the sleeves - to decide which way the colors work with the deep Magenta trim that I decided to use on the collar and at the Hem. Like the new blue buttons & Lavender Rosette on her Beret.

I like the Sleeves the way they are - a more interesting
color balance with all the other components.
Finished for now- but may sew some new Snow Hats.


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