Shades of Blue

Today- I'm not only Thankful for My Ankle being back to Normal -- I'm also feeling Blessed for the Roof over my head - Water to drink - and Food to eat. 
Living here in the Northwest - so close to a serious Earthquake faultline - on our Pacific Coast - the Quake in Haiti could have happened here.
Our hearts go out to the Haitian people who are suffering the aftermath of such a Catastrophe - and Hope that their AID Continues for their basic needs - Needs that We in America can so easily take for granted.


 I'm thinking why not in the Garden - a theme of just Shades of Blue and Lavender-?  Pictured above is Clematis x jackmanii - a Violet-colored Clematis - one of the best known of all the varieties. Below are delicate Lavender Plants and violet Pansies.

A Beautiful example of a Herbacous Border of Soft Lavender, Violets, and Greens that so charmingly enhance this Garden Pathway

The Candle-like flowers of Purple Loostrife (Lythrum salicaria) rise up over a fragrant carpet of Lavender (Mustead) with the round flower heads of Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro) linking the two.

A Lush herb Garden where Blue-gray Sage is set against Purple Sage & Gray Artemisia - Note the free-flowering deep Lavender Catnip - growing so profusely - on each side of the Lutyens Bench.

A Superb arrangement of Violet & Magenta anemones beneath a clipped Bay Tree. In the background - Tall deep blue Delphiniums-!

A Sweet little Blue Garden House - to store Garden Tools. Or a great Get-Away Place for an Artist or Writer to relax with a Glass of Iced Tea - and to observe the Garden in Bloom.
All Images above from these Inspiring Books:
"Glorious Gardens" by francesca Greenoak - 1993
"Fabulous Flowerbeds" By Gisela Keil / Jurgen Becker - 2003
Each day you didn't enjoy wasn't yours:
You just got through it.  Whatever you live 
Without enjoying, you don't live.
You don't have to love or drink or smile.
the Sun's reflection in a puddle of water
Is enough, if it pleases you.
Happy those who, placing their delight 
In slight things, are never deprived
of each day's natural fortune-!
                     Poet - Fernando Pessoa


Very nice poem Mary. Miss seeing you and Robert. Hope you are living well where you are ... My love, Karen
Mary Maki Rae said…
Hi Karen -
Thanks for Commenting-
We miss seeing You as well.

So what is Your very, very important decision-?
Let me guess - You're buying a House - because you have found yourself totally Happy in your new location-?
Right-? Let us know - love, Mary

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