Dazzeling Dahlias

Dahlia Garden Muse-6.3x7
"Dahlia Garden Muse" 18" x23" Acrylic -
By Mary Maki Rae (c) 2013
Dahlias seem to dominate many stands of the Flower Markets in Seattle during our City's Sunny Summer Days.
Their vibrant colors are so welcome - after such a cool Spring this year-!
Declared the City's Official flower nearly a Century ago - as the Dahlias thrive in our Northwest moist moderate climate.
French Blue Watering bucket
"French Blue Watering Bucket" 18"x24" Acrylic - By Mary Maki Rae (c) 2013

King Fisher Painting"Still Life with Dahlias" - 18"x24" Acrylic
By Mary Maki Rae (c)2013
Lucky for me - I just recieved the nicest Gift of a huge armful of Dahlias from my neighbor who does so well growing them-!
I've always enjoyed Painting and Arranging Dahlias because they grow in nearly every Hue and Array of shapes and forms - from spiky to wispy - svelte to spherical.
I've found the Arrangements are long-lasting - so Perfect for special occaisions.
The large - lighter colors can look especially striking and classical.
Also they will Bloom through October - if the Summer weather is not to Hot-!


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