"Joie De Vivre" & The Chef Doll

Chef Doll - 24" Fabric - Original Sculpted Head
By Robert Rae - 2012(c)
Robert has sculpted more than a dozen of these charming character heads.
At one time - I started to paint them and make Hats for them - the one shown above - I envisioned as a Cook. 
He sat in our kitchen on a shelf in our China Buffet for too long - so I decided it was time to start working on a Chef costume for him.
This is the first one of a group that I've completed so far.
Maybe that's a cup of Tea or maybe Hot Chocolate in one of the demitasse cups that I enjoy collecting - they're so perfectly doll sized-!
Speaking of Chefs - I have been reading a charming and engaging book entitled - "Joie de Vivre" written by the reknown restaurateur Robert Arbor.
He sucessfully maintaines several French-Style restaurants here in the U.S. - But his Summers are spent in the French Countryside where he and his family reside in an unpretentous - typical stone manor house.
The charm of the book is it's minute to minute discriptions of what daily life is like in France today - the Food - the Meals - the Shopping at their local markets - and the socializing with family and friends.
(All is presented so simply and accessable-!)
I didn't know that the French do not Bake their Bread or Pastry - All is purchased from Professionals with shops daily - this one fact in it's self explains why their life necessitates a lot of "Going to Market"-!
Many many more unknown facts about French life are reveiled in the book - too many to list here.
By the time one has finished the book - you feel as though you have really spent the most intimate and peaceful weekend in the French Countryside with a great deal of their "Joie de Vivre"-!
(Because the author is a Chef - there are included in the book - many delicious - yet simple recipes you will want to try-!)
THE BOOK: "Joie De Vivre" Simple French Style for Everyday Living
By Robert Arbor & Katherine Whitesides - Simon & Schuster Pub.


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