Spring Bouquets & Butterflies

"Spring Butterfly Muse" A Delightful Garden Muse in a New Color Palette - Acrylic on Canvas - 15" x 15" - By Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
"Tiger Moth Bouquet" - 12"x12" - Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
This is one of my Paintings of Geraniums.  I love this lovely shade of very warm Fuchsia - with a Blue Cast.  Although I admire the Red ones - this particular color works for me.
To capture that special hue - I added just a touch of "fluorescent pink" (Oh my-!) to Medium Magenta - and it worked Great-!
I thought it nice to include with the One in full Bloom - a small one just starting out and some buds -  of course-!
I find the leaves quite attractive with their round - scalloped-shaped edges and soft velvet surface. 
Also - the veins of the leaves radiate out toward the edges from one central spot (here indicate with a white dot- that I thought created a little sparkle-!)
For more info on these paintings See: Etsy


Crosby Kenyon said…
What actually attracts me here is the basket; the weave but more so the shading, the subtle lightening of the upper right portion in contrast to the lower left. Unless it's a computer or technological glitch.
Crosby Kenyon said…
Don't get me wrong--your art is very colorful and attractive.

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