Some Kind of Magic

Acrylic on Canvas - 18"x24" - Mary Maki Rae (c)
A new Painting - not finished yet - may paint in a deep Blue vase of
Tropical Orchids - or terra cotta pots of Primroses . . . . . so many choices. . . . . .I think I may be getting Garden Fever-!
"Spring Breeze" - Acrylic Sketch on Paper - 10"x14" MMR(c)
I always enjoy painting Primroses  - a sure sign that Spring is here-!
I find it so amazing how just a few Black & White accents - enliven and dramatize a lovely pastel palette-!
Dreaming of "Primroses in Morocco" -
 Acrylic Sketch on Watercolor Paper - 8"x8" Mary Maki Rae (c)
Speaking of Drama - I think the Living Room shown in the following Images - one of the most Stunning and Beautiful - with the glazed dark Egg Plant Color playing a Major role.  Love the way it sets off the exquisite Paintings - choice Antiques - and the Soft Pastel Colors - so effectively.
The owner wanted Nile Green walls and was hesitant about so dark of a color - until she saw the room's magical tranformation - so Dramatic - yet so Spring-like as well-!

Interior Design By Mario Buatta - Images from: AD - Nov-1989
 Collector's Edition - Inside New York (A Great Issue-!)


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