Butterfly Collector

Paintings by Mary Maki Rae - Acrylic 2010 (c)
She looks like an English Rose to me - immersed in her serene world of Flower Gardens and Butterflies.  While finishing this painting - I realized that it related so much to the charming book that I had been reading on English Decor.  She seemed to fit right in - whether a Town House or English Cottage-! Strange. . . . 
What I really enjoyed about the book were the houses of Artists - which were decorated with a twist of genuine eccentricity.  The ones that contained an honest expression of their individuality-!  They seemed less conscious of Trends and Fashion and exuded an air of coziness -  warmth - and whimsy-!
A carefree mix of styles & furnishings - 19th Century French Table - to Modern Flower  Lamps. (Really enjoy that Dusty Lavender Wall-!)
 Beautifully done Pink Walls with a Red Mantle. 
The Fireplace tiles replaced by Plates and broken china.
The Hutch displays a Glorious Collection of China.
Find the Swan Teapot inherited from the owners Grandmother.
 The walls of this kitchen painted a Pink Lime wash. The Mantle a jolly red - One chair Lavender the others white-!
A Spare Bedroom used to display fine French Antique Linens
THE BOOK:"Perfect English" By Ros Byan Shaw - Ryland Peters & Small - 2007
Did you have a nice holiday-?
Summer seems over - Fall will be here soon.
"As clay anchors a tree in light and wind
May your outer life grow from peace within."
             -from a poem by John O' Donohue


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