Birds of a Feather

"Woodsman with Woodpeckers" Tote - Mary Maki Rae - 2009 (c)
The Image of the Woodsman on the Tote above, is from one of my Original Acrylic Paintings.
I found it amazing how many different species of Woodpeckers there are living on this Planet-!
So many to Paint - All Inspiring-! Featured in this Painting is "The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker" - One of the World's "Rarest of Rare" (Believed to be extinct) and one of the largest (19-1/2").
Others include: The "Northwestern Flicker" and "The Northern Red-Headed Woodpecker".
We were visited recently by the "Pileated Woodpecker" - similar to the Ivory-Billed - and often mistaken for it.
This beautiful Black&white patterned bird and it's mate were exceedingly attracted to the Red Berries on our neighbor's tree - after a week or so - not a Berry was left-!
(for more info on these fine-feathered totes - see:Etsy.)

"Winter Dreams"Tote - Mary Maki Rae - 2009 (c)
This Image is also from one of my Original Acrylic Paintings (shown last Winter). Recently, I've added a Quail to this group of Birds - which include: Doves, Wood Thrushes, and Sparrows, among others. For more information - Please see: Etsy.

Art and "Alicia"Sculpture By Robert and Mary Maki Rae-2009 (c)
One of the Best Reference Books I've found for the Discovery and Identification of birds is:
"The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds - The Definitive Reference to Birds of the World"
Dr. Christopher M. Perrins
And of Course - A Field Guide to Western Birds - By roger Tory Peterson


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