I'm Enchanted with. . . .

BUTTERFLY - Pendant/Brooch - Henri & Paul Vever, French c1900

These tiny Works of Art - were created by legendary Jewelry Artists - and presented for our pleasure, in this amazing book. You would have to be a Princess or Prince to ever own one - However, what a Joy it is to marvel at the iridescent colors, the sparkle and inspired design. But, Most of all the skill it took to fashion such Treasures-! Some images follow - many, many, more are contained in this "Gem" of a book-!
By Marilyn Nissenson & Susan Jones - Abrams 2000

BROOCH -Italian, late 16th Century

BUTTERFLY BROOCHES - All c1880 La Vieille Russie, NY

BROOCH - Fleuret, French c1900

And One "Real" Comet-tailed Giant SilkWorm Moth - Painted from Nature By Walter Linsenmaire - from my Big Book of Insects of the World - Astonishing-!


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