Hurrah for "HIGH FLYER"-!

"High Flyer" Light - Original Serigraph 22"x24"(Image:12"x18") By Mary Maki Rae

Thanks for two more sales - via Gallery on the East Coast -- And Surprise-! Another coming in all the way from Australia. Our Mythological Pegasus on Wheels is becoming known world-wide-!

This Serigraph was imaged with a photo of Maria Fyodorovan's corner sitting room in the Russian Pavlovsk Palace. The Room was designed by Carlo Rossi in 1816, to accommodate intimate gatherings of Poets, Writers, and Composers of whom she was so fond.
The Walls are Lavender polished faux marbre. The Furniture is Birch of Rossi's design. (more of this later)
Photo from: "Russian Houses" - Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, N.Y. 1991.


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