Something About Those Bentwood Chairs

The Bentwoods pictured on our Deck

Robert recently found six of these Bentwood Chairs, pictured above. After he reglued, sanded, and Teak-oiled them, We placed them at our round pedestal table. Because all of their design elements are based on graceful curves, they seemed to just "flow" around the table so beautifully. They put me in mind of Bistro Chairs, a nice "look" in the kitchen area. They felt sturdy to sit upon, yet were so light to move back & forth, or place to place.

Vintage Bentwoods are so Classic ( iconic, actually, being the first chair produced for the main stream.) They are still pretty available, (some quite fanciful) and remain a good choice, especially if one's thinking Green.

THONET Bentwood Chairs are considered to be the most desirable of all the early bentwood chairs because the "bentwood process" was invented by Michel Thonet in 1836. By 1870, his company, The Thonet Brothers, was the largest furniture maker in the World, making an astonding variety of furniture of bentwood. "Original" Sets of Thonet Bentwood Chairs can be found on "1st Dibs" (on line) for 1,000-4,000 dollars. More contemporary reproductions and updated versions cost between 150-495 dollars.


I do love bentwood chairs, they are so graceful. Lovely image. We have a set I have never been able to identify, the backs are completely unlike anything I've found. But I love them anyway. Thank you for sharing yours.

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