Tambourine -Revisited

"Tambourine"  By Mary Maki Rae -2019(c)
(Tangerine Variation- One Only) 
I've been experimenting with this Original Silk-Screened Serigraph Print (Limited Edition of 90/19) by Hand-Painting in more detailed variations - this one is the First- available so far - Just using a simple Tangerine Theme.

I really Enjoyed the effect of the Orange Tangerines against that "Cerulean Blue" - It seems to bring the Image more to life. . . . . I have so many more Ideas for this venture - so there will be hopefully more to come - on occasion.
If you may be interested in this Artwork - See more information Here-!

"Tambourine" By Mary Maki Rae 
(Tangerine Variation -One Only)


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