More Green . . .

"Green Garden Thoughts" - Acrylic on Canvas 18''X22"
By Mary Maki Rae - 2018(c)
Working on a new Painting - love the fresh Green Color - need to add more to the background and a few more details like flowers or plants. 
Must visit a plant store soon for more Flower Inspiration-! (See above how she looks Completed - Just added two more flowers & a leaf to her hat. And a few little color changes - decided  to keep it simple - letting the colors and composition speak. . . )

"Blue Pitcher with Hydrangeas" By Mary Maki Rae (c)

The Palette reminds me of my Painting of "The Blue Pitcher
with Hydrangeas" (same as the one in side bar - here enlarged)
I may use that beautiful Blue Color in the background of
this Garden Girl Painting . . . .

More in Time. . . . MMR



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