More Garden Inspiration

"Summer Garden" Acrylic on Arches Watercolor Paper
By Mary Maki Rae 2017 (c)
In between working on my "Bright Summer Palette" Paintings - I love to record in Watercolor on Arches - the flowers blooming in Summer. They're so nice to have on hand for reference during the other Seasons.
Shown are: Rudbeckia (with  Green eyes) - Verbenas (tiny vibrant flowers that grow in a perfect circle) - and of course Primroses ( this one actually blue & white stripes - I've painted stripes lavender however.) 
In this piece (unfinished yet) - a lovely face appeared. She put me in mind of "Sappho" a real woman Greek Poet who lived in 600 BC and was know for her love lyrics.
Or in more recent times - She reminds me perhaps - of the character "Sabine" - a Gifted gardener in the Art Film: "A Little Chaos" - Starring Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts. A Story that always lifts my spirits-!

"The purpose of Art: To inform and delight-!" 
                                          - Horace


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