A Fall Obsession

Fall Bouquets in Black & White Vases
Mary Maki Rae 2016 (c)

Finishing up on Art for the Annual Vision 20/20
Gala Show and Fundraiser - 

"Fairwood Trees in the Fall" - Mary Maki Rae 2016(c)

The Leaves - Such a Joy right now to behold at every window in the house - Quite a show for a while - until the Fall Winds sweep them all away-!

Turns out - I find them quite inspiring and perfect subject matter for some small wood panels that I'm working on at the present time.
I find this technique of layering many colors over other colors in light and dark warm autumn tones - to give a pleasing - Impressionistic effect-!
Rather like weaving a multi-colored fabric of a rich brilliance.
For the trees and branches I've used an Acrylic pouring medium - that shines when it is dry. I kept it that way because I liked how it contrasted with the hand-painted surfaces and how it gave a slightly different depth and subtle reflection - depending upon the light. 

Another - in lighter tones on Watercolor Paper - 
The trees look more transparent.

"Autumn Leaves" Mary Maki Rae 2015(c)
This one I painted last year -
much more detail and took much longer-!
More to come soon.....


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