Summer TeaCup Pillow

Painting & Pillow Design By Mary Maki Rae 2016(c)
"The Summer Teacup Muse Pillow" - From "The Seasons: Spring-Summer- Fall-Winter Quartet". This one "Summer" looks so cheerful with the"Rainbow" paintings. ( I like the way the Pink Trim sets the design off perfectly.)

Here's the Back of the Summer Pillow - in a Sunny Yellow with a bow-!
( On the Table is a "work in progress: "The Turtle Teapot" Pillow front.)

The "Summer Teacup Pillow" again with another 
type of Pillow in the background coming soon.

Working on the "Turtle Teapot" Pillow -
Painting by Mary Maki Rae - Sculpture by Robert Rae
For more on Pillows See Here 



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