Turtle Tea Cosy "Garden Style"

"Garden Muse" Painting & Turtle Art 
by Mary Maki Rae -2016 (c)
I'm So Happy with the results of the Turtle Tea Cosy Art 
that was printed digitally on Cotton Fabric. 


Here shows layout and Instructions - which I have
 refined now down to a Tee.  I use two Tea Cosies daily - 
one for Coffee in the morning and another for Tea in 
the afternoon (I think it's the only way to keep Tea warm-!)

Here's how I've decided to quilt the front piece -
by sewing through a layer of fiberfill and another 
piece of cotton fabric at the back.

"Parrots" Painting - By Mary Maki Rae -2016(c)
And here's the finished Tea Cosy -
 I've used my "simplified" version this time 
 - which still fits most Tea and Coffee Pots



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