Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Pastels And Texture

Pastel Spring Painting By Mary Maki Rae (c)2016
Spring Pastels and Texture have been on my mind recently.
You can't see it in the above image - but I've added some texture to the background of this painting - that I like so far - a lot-!
I thought this image might look good printed on fabric - then add Embroidered details on the hair and dress to balance the texture in the Background.
However - I may paint the detail on the hair - Then add a raised pattern on just the dress.
Kate and I went shopping in a Art Supply Store - (Like a candy shop for Artists-!)(Daniel Smith's) And we bought some new products to experiment with for texture - so we'll see what developes. . . 

In the actual sample - the granular texture shimmers slightly -
 like beads perhaps - on silk fabric
(Also reminded me of a Dotted Swiss Fabric from long ago)
On this pink one - I brushed the lavender paint overlay in one direction -
I liked the pink spaces showing though.

On the blue above - I brushed the Lavender randomly -
creating more movement.
All and All - just to lose oneself in experimenting sometimes is Good -!
Hope you have a Nice Easter Holiday . . . MMR

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