Spring Pastels And Texture

Pastel Spring Painting By Mary Maki Rae (c)2016
Spring Pastels and Texture have been on my mind recently.
You can't see it in the above image - but I've added some texture to the background of this painting - that I like so far - a lot-!
I thought this image might look good printed on fabric - then add Embroidered details on the hair and dress to balance the texture in the Background.
However - I may paint the detail on the hair - Then add a raised pattern on just the dress.
Kate and I went shopping in a Art Supply Store - (Like a candy shop for Artists-!)(Daniel Smith's) And we bought some new products to experiment with for texture - so we'll see what developes. . . 

In the actual sample - the granular texture shimmers slightly -
 like beads perhaps - on silk fabric
(Also reminded me of a Dotted Swiss Fabric from long ago)
On this pink one - I brushed the lavender paint overlay in one direction -
I liked the pink spaces showing though.

On the blue above - I brushed the Lavender randomly -
creating more movement.
All and All - just to lose oneself in experimenting sometimes is Good -!
Hope you have a Nice Easter Holiday . . . MMR


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