Ariel's Garden

Finished the New Pillow Design for "Ariel's Garden"
I've been experimenting recently with having some of my more simplistic Designs - digitally printed on Fabric - through "".
I must say that I'm quite Pleased with the results - the Colors which are very bright - clear - and upbeat were reproduced perfectly -!
The results have the look of a clean-cut - Silk-sreened Style - that feels contemporary and fresh -!
I would highly recommend "Spoonflower's" services for personal - simple soft homewear - decorative items and accessories.
A Sample Book is available with many types of white fabric choices - such as Cottons - Linens - Silks - Canvas - Knits and Etc.


"The Duke" Design - By Mary Maki Rae 2016(c)

Here's "Ariel" - part of the "Ariel's Garden" Series
A helpful Book: "The Spoonflower Handbook" By Stephen Frazer

For more information about my Pillows - See: here

For more about the Painting - See: here


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