Island Retreat

"Island Retreat" Acrylic-18 x24-Mary Maki Rae-2014

If You have a shady spot on your Island in need of some friendly plants -
Here's a Plan for a small Shade Garden - designed with twelve.
I found it amazing how so many more live and thrive in the Shade.

"Shade Garden" Acrylic on Paper - By Mary Maki Rae -2014 

For the Back Row -as an Edging: "Lady's Mantle" (Alchemilla Mollis)

The Second Row: Hosta ('Patriot') - Ligularia ('the Rocket') - Geranium ('Rozanne') 

Third Row: "Deer Fern" -"Astilbe" ('Amethyst' a new Lavender color)
"Pulmonaria" ('Raspberry Splash'- the leaves have Dots -fun to paint)

To Set in Front or About: In the Wheelbarrow - "Maidenhair Fern"
in the Clay Pots: "Begonia" and "Viola".

Note: I think for a Successful Shade Garden: As with most Gardens - Work out a peaceful - semi-quiet Color Scheme - that you won't tire of right away.
Use mostly Perennials and Bulbs for easy maintenance.
And remember to keep Expectation Alive - with a new plant to observe and study - that will soon come into bloom through out most of the year.

Robert and I have Forever Enjoyed this Weathered Wheelbarrow (It has a beautiful Rusted Patina)- It's Perfect for this Garden - It holds a Maidenhair Fern that Robert found growing in it's natural habitat and has continued to grow happily for us for Many -Many Years -!


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