"Summer Delight"

Summer Delight Painting-6x4-Completed"Summer Delight" - 17"x22" by Mary Maki Rae 2013(c) ******************************************* A New Figure Painting. Started with a Light Blue-Violet Line Drawing - quite Satisfying . . . What Color next-? I've so many Lavender beginnings -No? Blue-? No. Why not then a Peachy-Orange-? Orange-? Not my usual Cup of Tea . . . But then Why not try it-? Well . . .I believe it worked out decidedly Well - And became even more so when I added the Magenta - Mauves - Turqoise Blues - and a Soft Celedon Green - All so complimentary - if kept Light and Airy. - It created a 'Dazzeling Effect' in the Sunshine of my Studio-! ( It's now Completed) ****************************************** Fortuny-Orange room-6.3 Speaking of Peachy-Orange - Above is a perfect example showing the use of this Color. I couldn't keep my eyes away from this Room - It's from a Fabulous book on the Textile Designs of Mariano Fortuny. "Lamballe" is the name of this 18th Century Design - after Princess de Lamballe - a confidante to Marie Antoinette. This wall treatment is reinforced by Classic White Detainling - including the hand-carved Mantle that anchors the Room. Fortuny-same Orange room-5x7 A Closeup of the same Room. The Chairs are Upholstered in "Fioi" in the Color of Burnt Apricot & Silver Gold. Fortuny-Gold-Violet Drape-5x7 A Fortuny Gold-Violet Drape - Beautiful-! Fortuny-Blue-White Headboard-5x7 Also enjoyed this Blue&White Fortuny Design on this Headboard & Bedside Table. ***************************************************** I really think Fortuny was Creative Textile Master of the First Order - each page in this book is an Inspiration-!Every page showcases his Fabrics in the most sublimely Decorated and Furnished Settings. He didn't have a fear of looking to the Past as a source for Inspiration. He reinvented it into somethings Modern and current. So much so that his Fabrics are still produced today in same factory in Italy - with the same methods and machinery that he invented. And as shown in the book - they decorate the most Modern of Rooms for clients today-! Fortunys Easel-5x7 Fortuny's Original Easel - Love that rather whimsical Heart-Shaped Pallette-! ********************************************************** THE BOOK: "Fortuny Interiors" By Brian D. Coleman Photography: Erik Kvalsvik Published By Gibbs Smith 2012 **********************************************************


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