"Sail Away"

Sail Away Painting-Plain-6.3x4 "Sail Away" Acrylic - 18"x24" - By Mary Maki Rae 2013(c) **************************************** A Painting from this past - very Cool Spring - I must have been dreaming of how fabulous a Sea Criuse would be - to somewhere warm and sunny. . . . I was quite Charmed by Stripes at the time . . . Here they are on Pillows . . . Sea Change Painting - 6.3x6.3 And on Vases and Table Tops in "Sea Change" 12"x 12" that I painted in the same time frame. (shown earlier this year) **************************************** I admire them as well on the little beach tents in this Kaffe Fassett Quilt and the Blue ones here on blue walls. Quilt -K.F.-blue room-6.5x6.5 *************************************** And on row and rows of Beach Chairs . . . The Theme seems truly Endless . . . Beach Cairs-6x7 *************************************** It' very Warm and Humid here in the Northwest . . . Time for an Iced Tea Break-!


Rosemary said…
Thank you commenting so kindly on my last post which in turn has bought me to your lovely blog which I shall enjoy visiting.
Your inspiring colours remind me a little of those used by Raoul Dufy in his sailing seascapes.
Mary Maki Rae said…
Thanks Rosemary -
Yes-! I love the colors that Dufy used - so light-hearted - and carefree-!
You feel that he was right at the scene - great spontainaity-!
I long for such - Thank you so much for your compliment-!

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