A Touch of Whimsy

"Sunrise Eyes" Acrylic - 9"x12"
Mary Maki Rae - 2013(c)

This little painting turned out differently then I expected - I hadn't planned on the curly hair or hat - they just evolved.
After the addition of the whimsical Yellow Butterflies to balance the Flowers - I happened upon this Magical Bird that really inspired me.  So I painted it on her shoulder for company and some more "Whimsy".

"Paradiso in Panama" By Fromental
The Decor book that I was reading is entitled: "Be Your Own Decorator"
By Susanna Salk - Rizzoli N.Y. - 2012
I liked her thoughts on "Whimsy":
"Whimsy is the power of the unexpected - it's every rooms secret tool."

"Touches of Whimsy in a room cause us to pause - exclaim - and wonder."
"They add ripples of excitement to a room."

"Whimsy helps to involve us - inviting us to be a part of the room's unfolding narrative.
It also means someone cared enough to go beyond mere decorating - to create delight-!"

"It's what lingers in your head long after you have left for another room-!"

This book is really Fun - and quite informative as well - Check It Out-!!


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