Summer Garden Girl Tote

"Summer Garden Girl" Acrylic on Canvas
By Mary Maki Rae (c)2013
  This Garden Girl inspired me by her Freshness and simplicity to design Summer Tote around her Image.
I chose a Blue & White Canvas-type Ticking that contrasted with the dark blue beautifully -creating a Fresh Pristine feeling that I love-Puts me in mind of Summer - the Beach - a Fresh Ocean Breeze - and the crisp White Sails of Sailing Boats. (now I think I should paint a Sea Shell on her table cloth.)
She seems so seductive - Yet remains so mysteriously Pure.
The Back View of this Tote along with a small Cosmetic bag to match.

I Enjoy the way this Tote Corresponds with the Blue & White Fabric Collage - 
Pearl Buttons and All-!
Note: I'm taking a tiny Break - to sort out some important stuff. . . .Back in a while.



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