Serious Whimsy

"Checkerboard Chickens" 24"x 20" Mary Maki Rae - 2011(c)
This timeless serigraph of Plymouth Rock Chickens - was inspired by a visit to the country home of a friend. In his yard - I was amused to find these Black & White chickens - nonchalantly perched on a quaint collection of vintage wicker-type chairs.
Back home in the Studio - I painted on canvas -  my interpretation of the scene.
Then Robert proceeded to Hand-cut Ten stencils and Hand-Screen the prints of a Limited Edition of 150.
I still find this whimsical trio amusing - but glad that I restrained from putting cook's hats and wooden spoons to hold in their wings though-!
(So as not to restrict them just to the kitchen.) They would lend lots of warmth and humor to any room.

These Dove Collages were created from Original Silk-Screened Prints and Papers - For more Information See: Etsy


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