Geraniums & A Subtle Palette

Jewelry Chest & Mask Sculpture By Robert Rae - 2011(c)
Finally a nice stream of warmer days have come our way - So I brought up our Geraniums from their dark resting place in the garage -Trimmed off many new green stems with leaves and actually a few buds - then put them in water to root - then into soil-filled rose pots to grow on a Sunny window sill. 
(Wow- this was so simple - and they loved it-! Soon I will pop them into my Long Planter Box and Large Pots on the Deck.  Let them grow a little more and then add some White Petunias - Lobelia -  or Pansies.)
I recently discovered a new Elegant - Luxurious book on Interiors that I really enjoyed-!  You will too - if you prefer all neutral colors in your environment. (Even for the Art and Floral Arrangements-!)
A Few Images from the Book follow:
Greenhouse/Studio - What a lovely place to meet
 for Lunch or to Plan Your Garden

The other end of Greenhouse/Studio -
Plenty of room for transplanting all those Perennials

Here in the Bath - Exquisite Antiques are used in a Fresh -
Inspiring way - As are seen throughout the book

I so admire the Settee - the way it's upholstered
and the subtle colors of the wall murals and all of the Decor.
The beautiful detailing in the Furnishings - Draperies -
and Bed Curtains are Extraordinary.
THE BOOK:  "At Home" By Suzanne Rheinstein
Rizzoli - N.Y.- 2010   It's Great - Check it Out-!


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