Folkloric Fantasy

Acrylic Painting - 14" x18" By Mary Maki Rae 2011 (c)
Leafing through some of my smaller paintings recently - I came across this one -  that because of it's Italian Palette and stenciled-like cloth - put me in mind of an article that I saved in my files for future reference.
I thought that what Idarica Gazzoni had done to enliven the walls of her classic Italian farm house quite Inspiring-!

When not painting at home - she travels around the world - tranforming prosaic wall surfaces - into dazzeling settings.
After learning the basic techniques of decorative wall painting from the famous Van Der Kelen - she went on to develope her own style: Bold - Sassy -and eclectic.  And came up with the following: Dramatic results in little time. Hence her use of Stencils-!
The Terracotta-pink farmhouse with lavender-gray shutters -
 located in the Monferrato region - near Turin.

In the Hallway leading to a guest room - Reproductions of old Bird & Animal Prints have been glued directly onto a deep yellow wall -
with white "Frames" stenciled around them.

A rug from Moracco - a Sari on the Table & a Striped Curtain pulled back to reveal the Entry hall's Stenciled Walls.

A Close-up View of the Hand-stenciled Motif used on the Hall Corridor's Walls

The Bedroom - Stenciled with more White "Frames" -
Inspired by Traditional Indian wood carvings.

A guest bath - note the Beautiful Carved Indian Mirror Frame.

In her husband's studio - the walls are covered with Thousands of
Hand-painted tiny white Daisies.
Images: HOUSE & GARDEN - July-2001
For more about Idarica Gazzoni Click Here


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