Saturday, December 31, 2011


Painting - Acrylic on canvas - By Mary Maki Rae 2012 (c)
May the New Year bring to You & Yours -
Good Health - Good Thoughts - More Freedom
and a more Peaceful World
Happy New Year-!

I have to admit that I have somewhat of an obsession for Butterflies - and I paint them quite often-!
I think they are one of the most Beautiful and Poetic Images - symbolizing the Psyche's self-renewal and immortality.
I was inspired by this one - Embroidered on Gold-colored Silk - to sew together this design for another Pillow.(one of a pair)

Taking a break at my work table to take some Images

I like the little open Silk Fans decorating the corners -
I need to buy some Gold thread to sew on the Buttons however-!

Painting - Pillows - and Harlequin Doll By Mary Maki Rae (c)2012

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Paintings By Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
It has been almost six weeks now since Robert has been in hospital and rehab - the longest time we've ever been separated.
The atmosphere - the rhythm - the routine of our daily lives changed decididly. Time now seems to move at a frenetic pace or incredibly slow.
One would think there would be more time for painting - not so - It's been  much harder to concentrate when concerned about a loved-one's recovery from major surgery.
However - His recovery continues to improve daily - and Today I'm feeling so Thankful for all the Fine Care that Robert has received from such skilled and talented Doctors and Nurses - as well as Heart-felt support from our Family and Dear Friends. I could not have gone through it all without them-!
I will be so happy again when Robert returns home and always Thankful.
Remember to always cherish your health and never take it for granted - for it is indeed a blessing.  

Saturday, November 12, 2011


"Blue Muse" 24"x 24" - Acrylic By Mary Maki Rae (c) 2011
She seems to relate well with "The Bluebird's Bouquet" - a painting I completed during the same time of year - October-November. I felt so fortunate to still have those beautiful Cosmos - Geraniums - and Rudbeckias still blooming this late in the season - to mix with all the colorful and compelling Fall leaves.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Serious Whimsy

"Checkerboard Chickens" 24"x 20" Mary Maki Rae - 2011(c)
This timeless serigraph of Plymouth Rock Chickens - was inspired by a visit to the country home of a friend. In his yard - I was amused to find these Black & White chickens - nonchalantly perched on a quaint collection of vintage wicker-type chairs.
Back home in the Studio - I painted on canvas -  my interpretation of the scene.
Then Robert proceeded to Hand-cut Ten stencils and Hand-Screen the prints of a Limited Edition of 150.
I still find this whimsical trio amusing - but glad that I restrained from putting cook's hats and wooden spoons to hold in their wings though-!
(So as not to restrict them just to the kitchen.) They would lend lots of warmth and humor to any room.

These Dove Collages were created from Original Silk-Screened Prints and Papers - For more Information See: Etsy

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few Good Ways With RED

A silk diamond patterned Fabric of Deep Red - interwoven with velvet-like Dots - to Reupolster a French-style Chair.
The Chair finished - Styled with a Silk Pillow that I made previously.
While Reupolstering this chair - I started thinking about the Color Red.
It's hard to be indifferent to Red - As bold splashes of primary Red are so invigorating - dramatic - attention-getting and full of Life-!
I thought of Pre-Revolutionary Russia (as in Dr.Zivago Film) with candle-lit interiors glowing Red & Gold while the white Snow falls outside.
I think the use of white as a contrasting color for Red - Creates a Fresh - Appealing - and cheerful effect - and prevents Red from being over-powering.
I thought of the prevelent use of Red & white Gingham - Stripes - and Ticking in Scandinavian Countries with cooler climates and long winters.

Rich Red Damask Silk covers walls and furniture of A Classic Swedish salon - Softened with white molding paneling and a Tall blue & white Porcelain Stove.

A Traditional Red in this Scaninavian Foyer - creates a warm and hospitable Welcome.  Again White Ceiling - floor - molding and staircase keep the Red tamed and clean-looking. the Black Ebonized Table & Chair add Drama.

For a small space like this tiny white bedroom - just one wall painted Red (this one is: "Mai Tai" by Ralph Lauren) makes the room feel intimate at night and much more Happy in morning light.

 In a mostly white living room - White siipcovered sofa against one Red Wall looks graphic & Modern - but still warm and inviting.
The Interior Images from these Books:
DETAILS: By Lili Diallo - Clarkson Potter 2010 (A very Upbeat/Modern take - Refreshing Savvy Text.)
SCANDINANIAN DESIGN - by Lars Bolander - Vendome Press - 2010 (Ideas for that authentic Scandinavian Look)
A PASSION FOR PATTERN -By Katrin Cargill - Clarkson Potter - 1997 (A lot of Red & White Inspiration in this one-!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inspiration Tableau

Acrylic Paintings By Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
A Tableau of some Favorite Things - most of mine happen to be Paintings and Flowers.  What story do they tell that could be inspiration for Decor-?
First of all - the colors make me extremely Happy and put me in mind of a Summer Cottage with a resplendent - plentiful Flower Garden.
Dove Painting - 14" x18" Acrylic - Mary Maki Rae 2011(c)
 A surprise gift of an armful of soft Pink and Lavender Dahlias (It felt like a Birthday Party-!) They corresponded beautifully (along with the small vase of my Geraniums and Cosmos) - with my recent paintings.
This could be a corner of a Kitchen/ cum Dining Room with walls of soft "textured" Blue/Lavender - or Ivory. Trimmed with semi-gloss White.
Also love the Idea of a Hand-Painted Mural of Flowered Topiary - Antique White Wicker or Iron Chairs - Cushioned with deep mauve silk.
A Table cloth of Brilliant Blue Stripes would set off the Blue & White China - Elegantly.
"Blue Still Life" - Acrylic 24"x24" By Mary Maki Rae - 2011 (c)
In the Bedroom - a Table set for Two before a white marble Fireplace.
Love those mauve striped silk curtains at an open window - that are softly blown by the evening breeze.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Subtle Palette Rocks

Serigraph Print with Collage By Mary Maki Rae 2011(c)
Cutting out the pieces for the Back Cushion of a new Upholstery Project.
The Fabrics: A subtle beige tweed & a Celedon Green - soft -
light weight Suede. (So nice to work with - no raveling-!)

Here I'm ready to ready to attach the Piping - made from
the Celedon Green Suede. Really liked how well the Pleated
Insert worked - I was Inspired to experiment on the side -
combining some other fabrics and trims.

Here's our Client's Cherished Heirloom Rocking Chair
with the finished seat cushion trimmed with Green Piping
on the top edge - and Green Double-Piping with
Silver-toned Decorative Nails - installed by Robert -
at the Wood Edge. (which continues around to
the sides & back.)

The Rocking Chair - Finished with the Back Cushion in Place.
(Held by four ties at the Back)
The Chair will be a Gift from our Clients to their Daughter
and their New Grandchild - Happy Rocking-!!

Flora Dora Serigraph Collage Print By Mary Maki Rae (c)

Friday, August 26, 2011


"Girl with Parrot" - Acrylic 12" x12"- By Mary Maki Rae 2011(c)
Bubblegum Pink walls work well with the Tall White-trimmed Windows
And Silk Diaphanous Curtains & Exotic medley of Roses are a nice touch-!

Same Room with unusually High Table between Sofas -
Great for Dining - Writing - or Playing Games.
Your Own or Grandmother's Antique & Vintage China
 look Great displayed with Bright Blue Background.
All White Dining Room seems so Relaxing-
and the Roses become an exquisite focal point.
Beautiful Classic Style Bath Tub

Love the Collection of Colorful Wallpaper Samples -
hung in a Patchwork Arrangment 
Hand-Cast & Hand-Painted Tiles -
 By Robert & Mary Rae - 2011(c)
 All Images of Interiors are from: "Romantic Style"
By Selina Lake & Sara Norrman
Ryland - Peters and Small - 2010(c)

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Rooster Sculpture

Here's Robert's "Rooster Sculpture" sharing the stage with the Delightful - Peachy-Coral Fabric for our new Upholstery Project that we have just finished.

Here's one of a Set of Four Tall Bar Chairs in a "French Style"
a very Enjoyable Journey - and a Charming Couple-!

Full View of Two of the Set - Finished - I must say -
they tuned out quite Elegant-!

Original Rooster Sculpture Carved By Robert Rae - 2011(c)

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Seahorse Sculpture

How many ways to paint this Mythical Sea Creature-?
Could be Classical - Cast with a Bronze Patina-

Or Delightfully Warm in Terra Cotta with a Striped Saddle -

Or Homebound in Swedish Gray - for the Garden or Sun Room.

And here are some Variations on a Pastel Theme -
For a Fantasy Powder Room - Bedroom -
or Beach Get-Away Nest-!

All Seahorses shown above -
 were Sculpted & Cast by Robert Rae
and Painted by Mary Maki Rae (c)2011
(Please contact me if you would like me to Custom Paint one for You-!)


Monday, July 11, 2011

SHELLS By Robert

The Largest Shell (aprox. 30" in length & 10" across the top)
that Robert created as part of a Commission
for "Giant Shells" for Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas.
Robert  Hand Carves the original art piece in wood  -
Then Hand Casts a Limited Edition in a Mixed Medium.
(Then I begin the process of Hand Painting the Finished Piece.)

This beautiful natural-colored shell was designed to display on a wall
(it's flat on the back) Its works great for holding Fresh or dried Flowers.

For more Information on The Shells and "30% SUMMER SALE" see: Etsy 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Faces - Figures - Fans - & Fish

A Small Taste of Robert Rae's Scupture - imaged above:
A myterious Harlequin Mask that puts me in mind of Venice. .

An Expressive - Classical Face - atop Carved Fans. . . .

A Sensuous - Stylistic - Mannequin. . . .

A timeless - enduring Moon Face . . . .

An elegant gold-colored Figure Sculpture. . . .

A flawless Fish - cast from the original with applied Antique Fish Hooks. . .

And a tastefull little Fish - same as the large Fish - only smaller.
All imaged Sculpture shown above is:
Sculpted By Robert Rae & Painted by Mary Maki Rae (c) 2011
(for more information on these Art Pieces see Etsy soon.)