The Colette Chairs

Painting - Acrylic on Canvas - 13" x18" By Mary Maki Rae 2010 (c)
The New Paisley Fabric in a soft fawn color - pictured above - will be installed on just the Backs of A Set of "Colette" Chairs.  The Fronts and Seats will be covered in a warm brown ultra-suede type of Fabric.
Then as a nice decorative touch - Pewter Nailheads will be added along the outside edge the the arched front side of the backs. 

The first finished chair with a Pillow featuring the Paisley Fabric
I like it's classic camelback silhouette and firtatiously curved front legs.

Two more of the Colette Chairs - One showing the back with Paisley Fabric.
I think they're quite attractively designed - contemporary & elegant.

Something to do with all those leftover pieces of beautiful fabric.


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