Blue & White Decor #3

This Image from Carolyne Roehm's latest book seems to me the very essence of Spring. Her approach to the "Blue & White" classic color combination is exquisite - probably definitive-!
I have three or four different books on this "Blue & White" decorating theme - and this one really makes it All Fresh once again-!
Every page is an Absolute Delight-!
Following are just a few more of the beautiful Images contained in this book:
THE BOOK: "A Passion for Blue and White" - By Carolyne Roehm - Broadway Books N.Y. - 2008 - It's Great-! Buy it-!
 "My French Muse in Tri-Cornered Hat" - 18"x18" Acrylic By Mary Maki Rae-2010
An Image of the Blue & White Striped Curtain Treatment of a Pair of Windows in Min Hogg's (founder of "The World of Interiors" Magazine) sitting room.
The Curtains were made of Awning Cotton from Turkey - where it was once to be seen above most shops.
The Windows became the most striking feature in the room - although it's filled to the brim with lovely things - "none expensive" - she says - the Art being in the Presentation-!
 The Curtains are not sewn - but draped over a rod and clipped. Then the center loop is brought up & clipped with a Tassle. (See drawing above)  Remember that you will need a woven striped fabric because the reverse side also shows.
IMAGES: "The World of Interiors" Magazine - April-1995


Mary, enjoying the blue and white-I love the CR images-they belong with your colors. That bedroom is a fav tearsheet of mine! and then to end with the Minn Hogg image from her 1995 WOI magazine. I have been stalking around a couple of friends mags looking for this issue and a cyberfriend or two as well, and here in all its glory! I love that curtain design. May I copy these two images for my files-eventually I may have a full article of sorts. pgt
Mary Maki Rae said…
Yes - certainly do copy the curtain design for your files - so flattered that You admire it too-!

Thanks for your comments on the Blue & White - That combination always seems to surface with me in the Spring - So FRESH-!

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