Sunday, January 31, 2010


Blue Garden Muse - Acrylic on Canvas - 12x18 By Mary Maki Rae - 2010 (c)

The Blue Garden Muse - Reminding Me of the Blue Skies of Summer - Green Meadows - Flower Gardens - and the Sea.
Inspiration enough for the colors of this beginning Quilt Block of Blues and Greens.   ( A beautiful & Green way to put to use all those fabrics you've been saving all these years-!)
One Centerpiece - (A small Flower Swatch - with a touch of embroidery)
Two Patterned Fabrics - (I used Three)
Three Solid-Colored Fabrics - (I used mostly Cottons & some Silks) 

Dance these Colors and Patterns around the edges of the Five-sided  Centerpiece.  Around & Around - Clock-wise & Counter Clock-wise - creating varied rectangles, trapezoids, & triangles - until yours Eyes are pleased with the Balance.

NEXT STEP: (Which I have yet to complete)
Overlay with Ribbons -  Laces - or trims.
Then Embellish with Brilliant-colored Threads in hybrid combinations - Buttons -Beads - & Bows.  Will All this Work-?  I 'll Post the results - when Completed-!


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