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"Bouquet in Vintage Coffee Pot" 30" x25" - Mary Maki Rae - 2010 (c)
I have been taking a break to recuperate from a painful sprained ankle.  While resting - I started to read C.Z. Guest's Garden Book - "5 Seasons of Gardening"(It's actually quite good - I highly recommend it-!). She always had a continuous stream of fresh flowers for indoors - through all seasons - including that gray one called Winter. How did she manage this?
Quite simple: two gardens - two greenhouses- acres of plants and shrubbery on her estate - plus the helping hands of her staff. However - for us mortals - in her book she reveals quite a few great ideas for Flowers in Winter - even if one doesn't possess a Greenhouse Etc.-!

One of the Best Ideas is for Paper White Narcissus:
1. Start Potting in October - November. they take about 4-10 weeks to flower.
2. The simplest way for forcing: use a commercial prepared mixture of: sphagnum, peat moss, perlilte, & vermiculite. ( This mix is clean and nurtures healthy roots and tops.)
3. Stagger bulb plantings every week or so - then they will bloom continually through the Holiday Season. (Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years - Etc.)
PLUS: Pre-cooled Bulbs of: Paper White Narcissus, Amaryllis, and Crocus will bloom whenever You wish and last several weeks. Just water every day or two.
(Remember: If pre-cooled bulbs are not available - Ask at Garden Center how long a cool period is required before potting indoors.)

"Spring Planting" - Watercolor - Mary Maki Rae - 2010 (c)

From C.Z.'s Book: Some House Plants You can grow indoors from Seeds:
African Violets - Aloes - Cacti - Cinerarias - Fushias - Geraniums(Pelargonium) Gloxinias - Impatiens - Kalanchoes - Primroses - Wax-leaf Begonia
Potting Mixture for House Plants:
1 Part sterile potting soil - 1 Part coarse vermiculite - 1 Part sand - Plus small amount of dry fertilizer.
My Tentative Garden Plan for 2010

Flower Bed in Front of House:

Row 1: Michaelmas Daisies, Phlox, Delphiniums, Rose, Dusty Miller
Row 2: Lillies, Cosmos
Row 3. Achilleas, African Daisies, Cransbill, Ladys Mantle

Three Planters:

Large: (in Center) Stargazers, Dahlias, Zinnias, Phlox, Marygolds, Foxgloves
Small:(in Shade) Begonia, Pansies, Lobelia
Small: (in Sun) African Daisies, Marygolds Lobelia
(Watercolor Art by Mary Maki Rae - 2010(c)

C.Z.'s BOOK: C.Z. Guest's 5 Seasons of Gardening - By C.Z. Guest - Bulfinch Press - 1992 - It's Great-! Buy It-!


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