The Garden Muse Fabric Collage

"Garden Muse " Fabric Collage - 12"x12" (Original Size)
By Mary Maki Rae - 2010 (c)
Sometimes You can look at a Piece of Art and be inspired to create a whole room around it - This happens to me often-!
I thought this Fabric Collage would work great as a Pillow - And then - as an experiment - I thought it would be enjoyable to conceive of a perfect setting for her.  So - following are three ideas for surroundings in which - I think she would look best:

That beautiful Scandinavian Look - with lots of White (Mirror, Dresser, Armiore with Hand-Painted Florals - And Under those Gingham Covers - Red Patterned Sheets from Anthropologie

A Mostly Blue-Patterned Room with a few Daring Red Accents - Like an Antique French Red Velvet Loveseat

Garden Cottage Style - with Romantic Patchwork and Vintage Furnishings - Many real Garden Flowers and Plants
(Which would You pursue - just curious)
Background Images: FABRICS-The Decorative Art of Textiles-By Caroline Lebeau( House Beautiful - February-2010

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