Spendid Stencils

So Stunning is Henry Wilson's Kitchen - with His Hand-Stenciled Designs that are Beautifully applied to the Ceiling - Bordered on the Walls - and even the Floor.
I'm impressed with Henry Wilson's "Full Emersion" into All things East Indian - and His Bold, relentless Stenciling-! Inspired and Enchanted by the subcontinent for Thirty years - He discovered the richest and noblest of Indian resources: It's Tradition of Handicrafts.
It's from close observation of these Treasures and from His travels that All of His Inspiration for His own designs were derived.
All of the Wallpapers used in the Decoration of His Home in London - have been stenciled on his kitchen table with his own Hands - in spite of calloused palms and blisters on his index finger-!
And all done at night - as His job as photographer and Book Designer fill up His days.
An Extensive Collection of Henry Wilson's Designs in many Colorways are now Available at:
Osborne & Little.

The Wall of Henry Wilson's Study is Collaged with a Myriad of His Stencil Designs
Read about Henry Wison's Fantastic Stenciled Art - His Decorating Style - and View His Vast Collection of Treasures from India - in this Months "World of Interiors" - December-2009


One can do soooo much with stencils! This proves it. The red room is gorgeous, I always wonder why people are so scared of red rooms!

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