A Little Romance

"A Romantic Evening" 16"x16" Acrylic on Canvas -
Painting and Evening Purse By Mary Maki Rae - 2009 (c)
Blue Evening Purse - Open and lined with striped Silk - MMR - 2009(c)

Love this Vintage Rose Fabric - Accented with iridescent Mother of Pearl Vintage Buttons - (the background photo is from NoaNoa Catalog - I find their Line of Clothing Refreshingly Romantic -! And the Miniature Collection absolutely Enchanting-!) Find NoaNoa Here.

Background Art & "Bohemian Beret" By Mary Maki Rae
Sculptured Mannequin By Robert Rae - 2009 (c)

I've been experimenting with Fabric Collage Totes and Purses - why not Hats too-! Although Silk is touchy to work with - I love the way it catches the light and how lovely it drapes into soft folds - I don't know of any other fine cloth that possesses this beguiling feature - so it's worth the fuss-!



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