Timeless Indian Textiles

A Toran - from Western India - A traditional dowry textile - intricately embroidered or appliqued, often incorporating small mirrors.Traditionly brought by the Bride to her new home - to hang abovethe doorway to the main room of the house - containing symbols of Good Luck and a Welcoming device to Gods and People alike.
To brighten these past few Rainy Days - I've taken a break to Journey through this enchanting Book of the most extroidinary Textiles. Anyone who loves Embroidery, Applique, Quilting, or Beedwork - will treasure this Book. It's filled to capacity with a dazzling array of imaged textiles from every region of the Indian subcontinent.
The Authors place these fascinating domestic Arts in context by examining the cultural backgrounds - region by region - where communities and casts live side by side - at Peace - and expressing their differences through Color and their Textiles.

Bodice and Sleeves embroidered in Floss Silk on a woman's dress from North-eastern Baluchistan.

Embroidered Pashk - A smock-like dress belonging to a Baluchi woman; it has a characteristic pocket at the waist level.

Jumlo - a many godeted dress of the Shin people of Kohistan - Embellished with fine silk embroidery and buttons - edged along the cuffs with lead weights.

On the Cover of this Book: An Example of Mochi Embroidery - showing the detail of a Silk Bodice Sleeve Embroidered in Silk.
THE BOOK: "Indian Textiles" - By John Gillow and Nicholas Barnard
This Edition Published By Thames & Hudson Ltd. London-2008 - It's Great-Buy It-!


The mochi textile is gorgeous- I'd love to have it on a sofa or pillow. Have you heard of the book Textile Style by Clifton-Mogg? If not, you might want to look into it, I refer to it often for the beautiful fabrics.
Mary Maki Rae said…
Lauren --
Thanks for the Comment-!

Don't you just Love that Silk Pink-!
and the design on top -

Yes, I've bought that Book as a Gift.

Love All of Her Books-!
Great Taste-!

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