Royal Persian Paintings III

The Fath Ali Shah again - this time clothed in his Hunting Outfit and wearing his Turban/Cap - instead of the Royal Crown.
And how exquisite are those Pearls forming hypnotic floral patterns on his Jacket - Arm & Leg shields - and Long Pointed Collar-?
And if that wasn't enough - His Belt - Knife handle - Bow - Arrow Case and Sword - All encrusted with Rare Jewels and more Pearls-!!
That Puffy little Ostrich Feather in his Hat - I thought was a nice touch too-!

The Fath Ali Shah - 1800's

Woman With A Veil - Attributed to Muhammad 1845
This Idealized painting of a beautiful Qajar Princess is one of several of a Series.
The Princess is draped in a full-length black veil with Gold Embroidered accents.
Under the black veil - she wears a richly patterned calico skirt with Pearl Borders and a Pearl-Embroidered vest - over a sheer chemise with a V-shaped collar with Pearl accents.
She is gracefully pushing aside the (pichen) white face covering.
She wears an ornate headdress and a Pearl-studded necklace and armbands that indicate Her privileged status.

Dancing Princess - Mirza Baba 1800-1801

"Two Lovers" - Mirza Baba 1800-1801
These two Paintings provide a glimpse behind the Persian woman's veil of seclusion.
They represent the Classical ideal of Persian Beauty: Moon-shaped face - joined eye brows - doe-like eyes and flower-bud mouths.
Their torsos are invitingly displayed openly or behind veiled tunics. Jackets and Trousers are Embroidered and made of Cashmere. and of course - they are covered with many Pearl Encrusted Adornments. Also always present are Fruit and Wine - Persian metaphors for fertility and divine Love.
THE BOOK:" Royal Persian Paintings - The Qajar Epoch 1785-1925"
Edited By Layla S. Diba, with Maryam Ekhtiar


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